Main design references
Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft. Zalaszentgrót
  • Designing Airtank with 44 bar
DKG-EAST Co. Nagykanizsa
  • Manufacturing permit plans of PALL project equipment, different pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
  • Manufacturing permission plans for instruments of ENEX-2 project (pressure holding vessels and heat exchangers).
  • Permission design for civil project equipment: degasifying unit, alkali pressure decreasing unit, condensed water pre-heater.
  • Manufacturing permit plans for PERSTOP project including Evaporator Drum, Condensate Flash, Condensate Flash and Atmospheric Condensate.
  • Made authorization plans for MOL Co, BEK-5 workshop, to build desulphurizer reactors
GEOINFORM Ltd. Szolnok
  • Post- separator changeover plan, separator measuring bridge-system, and well joining pipeline system plan.
Gravitáció Ltd. Szombathely
  • Making design and permit plan for emergency cooling unit of furnace, which was published in the Building Engineering Magazine in 2007/2nd quarter. 200 units have been made and sold based on that plan.
Interv Ltd. Siófok
  • Design of degassing tank for thermal water.
LINDE GÁZ Hungary Co. Répcelak
  • Designing equipment and mounting structures for different volume narcotic-inducing gas systems, including reactors, washing towers, condensers, gas meters, water supply, dissolvers, separators of water and steam, compressors and mounting structures.
  • Construction permission design of pressure holding system for the air decomposition workshop in Kazincbarcika.
  • Designing and manufacturing different volume cryogen storing buffer tanks.
  • Authorization design for condensers of DINOX storing tanks.
LISS Ltd. Répcelak
  • Design and production of pressure booster with tanks and steel structures.
  • Design of high-pressure piping systems for industrial -carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen, and pipe bridges and supporting structures.
Ma-Gumi Kft. Kiskunmajsa
  • Designing auto clave with 1000 bar.
NITROTERV Ltd. Veszprém
  • Permission design and mechanical control for air supply system of WOLTERS HUNGARIA Ltd.
OILTECH Ltd. Lovászi
  • Design of 50m3-storage tanks and their steel structures.
PRIMAGÁZ Co. Gógánfa
  • Authorization plan of tunable rim pairs mounting PB gas tanks, which used to avoid depression forces of gravitation.
PV-PLAN Engineering Office Budapest
  • Made authorization plans for NAFTA INA Croatian refining plant in order to build desulphurizer reactors.
ROTARY Drilling Co. Nagykanizsa
  • Provided plans of air containers for CROSCO INA drilling equipment.
  • Designing of air supply system for drilling equipment.
SANYO Hungary Ltd.
  • Building permit plan for SPA nitrogen generating system of SANYO Hungary Ltd.
  • Physical –chemical plant. Changeover of tank station and plans of pipeline system.
  • Changeover of the safety system of propane - butane filling plant of Újudvar, and the technological lay out of the separated storage technologies of none – odorized butane gas. Construction, permit and design plan.
  • Further development of the safety system of the filling station of Újudvar. Establishing, authorization plan, and construction plan.